Instagram's hidden "Reject Folder" allows users to know which of their follow requests have been ignored.

Instagram Hidden ‘Reject Folder’: How to Know Who Ignored Your Follow Request
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Instagram Hidden "Reject Folder"

It turns out that Instagram already had this feature for a long time, but it hides beneath its settings options, as per Yahoo's latest report.

However, it seems that some folks out there only discovered the hidden feature recently, which is now dubbed as the "reject folder" on Instagram.

Knowing if someone has yet to accept your follow request or blatantly decided to ignore it requires users to visit the profile of the person that they followed.

Upon visiting the profile, a "Requested" button should show up, stating that the user either ignored your request or is too busy to check who followed them--we could only speculate.

Instagram Hidden ‘Reject Folder’: How to Know Who Ignored Your Follow Request
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It is worth noting that follow requests only apply to those users who have opted to make their Instagram profile "private." This option ideally removes unwanted people from snooping on users' accounts, removing access to both their Stories and media posts.

However, this process could end up useless if you've already forgotten that you've once sent a follow request to a certain person.

Thankfully, Instagram provides a list of all the follow requests you have made that have yet to be accepted or rejected--or worst, completely ignored.

How to Know Who Ignored Your Follow Request

Although the "request folder" is hidden away from the tons of features that Insta offers to its users, it is pretty easy to find if you follow this process.

And please do note that this function is only available on the mobile app of the social media platform.

  • Go to your Instagram Profile.
  • Select the Menu icon.
  • Then, tap Settings.
  • Scroll down and select Security.
  • After which, tap on Access Data.
  • Scroll down a little bit to see the Connections section.
  • Then, select Current Follow Requests.

And that's it. You should see a list of usernames that you still have a pending follow request.

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How to Cancel Instagram Follow Request

The unfortunate issue with the "reject folder" is that it only lists the usernames in plain text. Thus, users do not have an option to click it to visit the profile and cancel the follow request.

Instead, users will need to manually search for the usernames that were included in Instagram's "reject folder."

Then, upon visiting their profile, simply tap on the "Requested" button to cancel that follow request that has been ignored for a long time now, which you may have forgotten about already.

Although the "reject folder" only exists on the mobile app of the media sharing platform, users can also cancel their follow requests on their desktop.

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