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KT currently claims that they were not attacked by a DDoS attack but instead it was a routing error that actually caused the outage. The company is now under investigation by the South Korea IT ministry.

South Korean Telco KT

According to ZDNet, South Korean telco KT has reportedly said its own network outage that recently happened was actually caused by an internal router issue. This then backtracked on its very own initial claim that the whole incident was actually the result of a large-scale distributed denial-of-service attack otherwise known as a DDoS attack. 

In the reported statement, the telco actually initially stated it first suspected an actual DDoS attack that was due to traffic overload. After it had scrutinized the matter, however, it was able to find that the cause was actually a routing error. 

Investigation Into Cybercriminal Activity

The authorities are now extremely on the lookout for cyberattacks. Just recently, hackers were found to attack YouTube channels in order to livestream crypto selling the accounts for up to $4,000. The famed colonial pipeline hackers, REvil ransomware group, threatened Apple but then mysteriously deleted its documents and extortion threats.

KT also added that it would cooperate along with the government in order to investigate the whole cause. The telco, as of the moment, is yet to announce what actually caused the routing error initially and how it then led to the outage, which is also expected to be announced some time soon.

KT Nationwide Outage

KT's nationwide network actually suffered an outage just recently for a whopping 40 minutes around 11AM local time. The telco's subscribers were reportedly unable to use their own credit cards, access apps, or trade stocks. Some large websites were also shut down during the said period.

South Korean police, which is reportedly also investigating the matter, noted that it could not really find any circumstances that would indicate there was really an external cyber attack in its own initial investigations. The matter is almost cleared but there is still another investigation going on.

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Ministry of Science and ICT Investigates

It was noted that the Ministry of Science and ICT is also still conducting its very own investigations on the matter. The ministry also reportedly ordered KT to investigate the whole extent of the damage that was caused to customers by the particular outage.

An article by Reuters reports that KT said quite earlier that it had suspected a DDoS attack that brought down the network while the police stated that they were still investigating. KT gave a statement noting they initially assumed it was actually a DDoS attack which was due to traffic overload.

After looking closely, however, they found that it was actually a routing error. It was stated that services were actually restored more than over an hour after the whole outage started, as per the Ministry of Science and ICT.

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