Top 5 PDF Software For Document-Editing, Text Annotation, and Other Related Tasks
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PDF (Portable Document Format) is one of the most common file formats used to access multimedia content. Today, there are several ways on how to open them through dedicated PDF software.

Over the past years, people learned to utilize web browsers when opening essential subjects, particularly those that have built-in PDF readers.

In fact, these tools not only give a more comfortable reading environment for individuals, but they also serve many functions such as placing an electronic signature, filling in the forms with information, and even combining multiple formats in a single file.

With many PDF readers made available on phone and computer, they still differ from one another when it comes to their features.

It is always good to opt for a quality PDF app for distinct reasons, that is why we created a list of the top 5 best PDF software in 2021. Here's why you should choose them over other readers:

#1 Kdan Mobile PDF Reader

Top 5 PDF Software For Document-Editing, Text Annotation, and Other Related Tasks
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Starting in 2009, Kdan Mobile has invested in bringing more creative solutions to boost professionals' productivity through its up-to-date PDF reader app. From home, school, and office, the company guarantees top quality for its customers using the software.

At the moment, the official PDF software by Kdan Mobile has a wide range of support. The platform serves more than 10 million active users globally. The total downloads of its application now reached over 200 million.

They aim to provide easy access both for individuals and enterprises to leverage the opportunities that technology creates. That applies to our development. Regardless of the device and platform, we want PDF viewing and editing to be easy & simple. Then, users can be more productive.

Kdan Mobile excels in offering various services to subscribers, ranging from signing PDF forms to text editing.


Kdan PDF
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Comfortable Reading Experience:

Kdan Mobile presents its own way of helping readers feel more comfortable when reading their notes or copies. Readers can freely choose what background to use for their own experience.

Users can change the PDF background theme by selecting a favorite color for strain-free reading. To bolster your PDF presentation in front, they can also utilize the slideshow mode.

Intact Document Safe-Keeping:

Users search for PDF software based on its ability to conveniently organize all the files. Kdan Mobile's PDF reader will solve your storage issues thanks to its clutter-reduction feature. Less paper means smoother work for all users. You can have full control of the current workflow for a particular task.

Paperless Fill-and-Sign Forms:

With Kdan Mobile's PDF software, there's no need to stick with the old way of printing just to write a signature or fill out the forms. Its PDF reader will help you save more paper by allowing e-signatures in place of physical signatures. PDF Reader also supports validating certificates and signatures if a PDF file contains digital signatures.

Easy Text Editing:

Like what users do in Word, Kdan Mobile will also allow editing of text through its PDF software. Forget about ditching PDF apps since you can revise your files right away without exiting the official reader. At the moment, the beta test for the PDF software is ongoing for Mac users.

Safer and Secured PDF File:

Unlike other PDF software that only offers direct editing and electronic signing, Kdan Mobile assures that the user's files will stay protected against unwanted and unauthorized access from intruders. Kdan Mobile maintains guaranteed security by relying on passwords. Even so, subscribers can utilize watermarks and even protected download links.

Regardless if you are a student or businessman, this feature will safeguard your important documents so that you can continue with your work progress.

Multi-Format File Conversion:

Kdan Mobile allows an extensive conversion for every file that users could encounter. From Text, HTML, RTF, MOBI, ePUB, and even Microsoft Office documents, its PDF reader provides versatility that will favor the customer's preference.

Top 5 PDF Software For Document-Editing, Text Annotation, and Other Related Tasks
(Photo : Kdan)


The comprehensive features that Kdan PDF software offers are helpful for different people from all walks of life, such as students, business persons, and other professionals.

Given its ability to edit, read, secure, and even allow PDF file conversion, this all-around reader helps users succeed in editing activities. That is one big difference that we usually could not see in the current PDF editors.

Most importantly, Kdan's PDF reader is regarded as the first-ever PDF software focused on mobile service.
Users would benefit from its manageable UI and even its UX design patterns that will pave the way for easy desktop and mobile editing.

Regardless if the user depends on a particular platform, including iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac, they can take advantage of Kdan's PDF software through its professional features.

Why Kdan PDF SDK Reader Stands as the No.1 Mobile PDF Solution

Kdan Mobile
(Photo : Kdan)
  • Complete PDF API
  • Stable Viewer Engine
  • Easy to Integrate
  • Cross-Platform SDK
  • Unparalleled Developer Experience
  • Fully Customizable

#2 Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Choosing an effective PDF reader might be a daunting task for a meticulous professional since committing errors during crucial work hours has bearing on many tasks.

Adobe's free PDF software is one of the most recommended PDF readers, especially for those who rely on cloud storage services such as OneDrive and Dropbox, to name a few. You can also link your Acrobat Reader DC to its storage cloud in case you do not know.

So far, another feature of this PDF software that is worth looking into is the multiple tab view. It provides organized arrangements for single documents. It also gives the users a glimpse of how they use the app on a browser.

This PDF reader can simultaneously handle heavy files while allowing other features such as annotating documents and adding comments and texts. Additionally, there's also a text-to-speech mode that functions as an audio reading book.

Overall, this app remains one of the best free PDF readers at the time due to its easy-to-use capabilities and easy navigation to all users.


  • Suitable for managing files in cloud storage
  • Good in simultaneous handling of big-sized PDF files
  • Multiple documents have a special tab view


  • Extremely large

#3 Slim PDF Reader

Beginning from its lightweight size and fast file loading, Slim PDF is one of the top-performing PDF readers for this year. If you are dealing with storage problems due to overlapping applications in your computer, its considerate size won't bother you at the very least.

Slim PDF is an excellent tool for almost all school and office-related tasks, including assignments and processing of documents. It could allow the users to fill out the blank forms, comment on a file, highlight a passage, and even write an e-signature.

For bookworms, Slim PDF introduces multiple modes for reading. It also features quick conversion of PDF files into Word and other file formats. However, this will only become possible through downloading another software.

The only bugging part for this PDF reader is the placement of toolbars which could be a nuisance when reading documents. Still, Slim PDF offers the fastest service when it comes to loading files.

The good news is you can use this software with no additional charge: a perfect tool for desktop users who want to stay away from subscription-based services.


  • Download size is relatively small
  • Fast loading time for files
  • Allows conversion of multiple file formats


  • Editing tools not available

#4 Foxit PDF Reader

This multi-purpose PDF software does a lot of work for those who are working on PDFs. Specifically, you can potentially make a PDF from scratch through Foxit PDF reader.

While it presents a challenging testing ground for newbies, its Microsoft Office integration makes it easier to edit documents. Besides, the ability to scan an image is available for this PDF reader.

Despite its varied options for editing tools, its support for optical character recognition is nowhere to be found for its free version.

Using this software for the first time might look harder than expected, but its UI is user-friendly. For further file access, it's possible to do functions such as commenting, signing, highlighting, and even editing through Foxit.

The software offers add-ons that you can download to open access to PDF file merging. Like the previously-mentioned app, this PDF reader features Safe Reading Mode to bolster users' security. This capability will deactivate the attached Javascript in a specific file.

Upon launching the most recent update, users could no longer access the virtual printer driver, allowing them to create PDFs.


  • Lets users make their own PDFs
  • Tight security measure through Safe Reading Mode
  • Small download size


  • Some features ask for add-ons

#5 Nitro PDF Reader

If someone is looking for a full-pack PDF reader, the answer might lie on the Nitro Reader. Its ability to allow touchscreen mode makes it unique from the rest of the PDF software in the list.

For tablet users, this feature is a big plus given that it will offer a lot of convenience for their usage. E-book reading will be much easier using a single button that is responsible for page scrolling and clicking.

This software excels in annotating documents and even including strikethroughs and underlining elements during the highlighting process. However, it lacks the feature to allow e-signatures and fill forms.

Moreover, it still preserves its commenting feature, which works like sticky notes as the user scrolls the document. Like other software of its kind, you can also convert files between different formats.

For beginners, it offers a quick guide on how to get started. However, the downside that you can experience is the requirement of sharing your name and email address to the platform. Subscribing to Nitro's newsletter is not mandatory.


  • Allows touchscreen mode
  • Lots of annotation tools are available
  • User-friendly UI and ribbon-style menu


  • Lacks features for filling out or signing
  • Registration is required

To sum it up, all the abovementioned PDF software have distinct capabilities, making it more different than its counterparts. Before immediately selecting an ideal PDF reader for a particular purpose, we should first confirm if it supports our desired file formats.

On top of that, we also need to know if its interface is suited for our editing option. Likewise, it is essential to consider if it requires a subscription or not.

Indeed, the arrival of PDF readers has made our work easier, faster, and more efficient thanks to their advanced tools for converting files, highlighting words, and other tasks.

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