In Kryxivia, Crypto Gamers Will Find Adventure - And Build Fortunes
(Photo : In Kryxivia, Crypto Gamers Will Find Adventure - And Build Fortunes)

It wasn't that long ago that blockchain gaming seemed like little more than a fad. One by one, interesting yet limited games would seize the spotlight and then fade just as fast as they appeared. And for a while, the congestion on the Ethereum blockchain - the one-time go-to for blockchain game developers - threatened to destroy many of the more ambitious projects out there.

Cut to 2021, and all of that's changed. Today, upgrades to Ethereum and the emergence of the Binance Smart Chain has unleashed a wave of blockchain game development. And that's leading to a crowded market with numerous games all jockeying for supremacy. But not very many of them are trying to accomplish anything more than becoming a money magnet - lining the pockets of their creators.

And that's what makes an upcoming game called Kryxivia so interesting. It's a game that immerses players in a rich 3D world where they hold all of the cards. And the cost of entry? Free. Here's what the game is all about and when players can expect the chance to play it.

A Fantasy World of Mines and Magic

At its heart, Kryxivia is an MMORPG that unites web-based 3D gameplay with the latest in NFTs and gaming tokenomics. But its in-game lore is a bit deeper than today's standard game fare. The game takes place in a town that grew up amidst a gold rush of sorts. Except, in Kryxivia's case, it's not gold that's attracting so many people to show up there - it's the magic artifacts left behind by an ancient civilization.

Those artifacts lay in a mine located in a mountain close to the town. And adventurers keep coming from far and wide for the chance to stake their claim to whatever powerful objects they find there. But getting to the mine's the easy part. Inside it, however, miners have to face off with all manner of creatures, monsters, and dragons that stand between them and the precious magical artifacts, called Kryxit.

An NFT-Based Game Economy

One of the things that sets Kryxivia apart from other blockchain games is that just about everything about it is NFT-based. And unlike some of today's other popular NFT-based games, there's no upfront cost required to play. New players get to create a character, complete with basic customizations absolutely free. From then on, the character - and its corresponding NFT - belongs to them.

The Kryxit players find in the mine are NFTs, too. That means players own them, too meaning that the fruits of their in-game labor are theirs to control and profit off of if they wish. And the opportunities to earn don't end there. There's also an in-game currency called the Kryxivia Shard Coin (KXS) that players can use to upgrade their Kryxit and characters. And that creates the possibility for players to turn the mine in the game into a literal mining operation - finding and refining Kryxit for both fun and profit.

The developers also plan to build a staking functionality that will allow players to deposit their KXS into Kryxivia's town bank. And that will make it possible for every character to earn an in-game living from the proceeds of their investment.

Big Milestones Coming Soon

The only problem with Kryxivia - if you can call it that - is the fact that it hasn't been launched to the public yet. Its developers are busily working on a pre-alpha version that should enter testing in the first quarter of 2022. Everyone else should get the chance to explore Kryxivia when the game reaches its public beta phase by the middle of the year.

And the development roadmap also calls for a slew of enhancements and new features to come along after that. Of particular note is a full-fledged PvP system that will allow players to fight one another for control of the Kryxit they wager. And there are also plans for a guild system that will let multiple players team up to improve their odds of earning better rewards and bonuses.

But all of that in-game goodness won't happen until the developers turn their attention to matters of a more mundane nature - namely raising the funds needed to make their roadmap a reality. They already have plans for presales of the platform's other currency, the Kryxivia Coin Token (KXA), which will serve as the primary on-chain payment medium for the game (as opposed to the in-game KXS).

They've yet to release full details on the sales, but several of the participating launchpads have already listed Kryxivia as an upcoming IDO. Poolz, Enjinstarter, and BullStarter all list November 30th as the launch day for Kryxivia's IDO. And the project's main website also lists Unicrypt and StarterXYZ as homes for the launch.

So for now, MMORPG fans and crypto enthusiasts alike can dig into the information that Kryxivia's putting out about their upcoming game, and look forward to a gaming experience that should be quite unlike any that has come before. And in a space where innovation and novelty are the name of the game, that's really saying something.

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