Apple Shazam Can Now Identify Songs Better Due to Update for iOS Users
(Photo : Image from cottonbro on Unsplash) Apple Shazam Can Now Identify Songs Better Due to Update for iOS Users

Apple is putting more effort into enhancing Shazam, a widely used music recognition service initially purchased back in 2018. The latest update is directly for iOS Shazam users, allowing the app to recognize even more songs.

Apple Released Notes on App Update

Apple has just released notes regarding the latest Shazam update noting that the app's listening technology has been given a boost. Shazam was described to listen "longer" and "harder" in order to recognize what is playing or what the user wants the app to identify.

Apple says that Shazam will be able to find more songs by putting in more effort, namely trying harder and for longer. According to the story by 9to5Mac, ideally, Shazam is supposed to be able to identify whatever song is playing just within a couple of minutes.

Previous Problems with the App

This, however, wasn't always the case. Previously, there were instances where Shazam couldn't detect what song was playing, thus frustrating some users. The turnoff could be magnified if first-time users don't get Shazam to identify what song has been playing, resulting in their disappointment.

Apple Insider says that typically, in contrast to the claims by 9to5Mac, Shazam should be able to recognize a track within just a couple of seconds. The app should only listen for longer periods should it not be able to hear what song is being played.

Shazam Update for iOS Users

With the most recent update, the Shazam app for Apple iOS users will be listening for a long time before it says that it can't identify the song. This could mean that Shazam will be even more useful compared to before.

Despite the dedicated Shazam app for iOS users becoming more and more powerful as time goes by, Apple has also integrated the Shazam technology directly into iOS itself. With the previous release of iOS 14.2, which dropped a year ago, the company added a brand new Shazam toggle which can easily be added to users' Control Center.

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Shazam App Specs

Third-party apps cannot integrate with the users' Control Center toggles, which would mean this could really be a main benefit of Shazam since Apple currently owns it. The latest version of Shazam can be downloaded for iPhone for free on the App Store.

The free Shazam app is now compatible with all types of iPhones and iPads running on iOS 13.0 and iPadOS 13.0 or later versions. The app takes a fair 34.2MB of space on the users' phone when downloaded.

Shazam was initially acquired back in 2018 by Apple for $400 million. Since then, Shazam has been receiving periodic updates for certain bug fixes and improvements needed to make the music listening app function much better. The last major change happened in September with the refresh of the offline result page along with added support for the watchOS 8 and the iOS 15.

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