Moderna's CMO (Chief Medical Officer), Paul Burton, said that they would create new COVID-19 vaccines for the Omicron variant. He added that these medicines could arrive as early as 2022, thanks to the company's efficient medical platform. 

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As of the moment, the pandemic is still affecting many countries across the globe. Now, scientists discovered a new variant that is expected to be more contagious compared to the fast-spreading Delta type. 

Recently, TechTimes reported the new B.1.1.529 or COVID-19 Omicron variant was discovered in many countries. These include Hong Kong, South Africa, and Botswana. 

Right now, many government authorities and health experts are worried that the new variant could lead to more serious infections compared to Delta, which is considered the fastest-spreading type right now. 

Moderna to Make New COVID-19 Vaccines for Omicron 

According to The Straight Times' latest report, Burton said it is important to know if the existing COVID-19 vaccines could protect people from the new variant. 

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He added that if there's a need for new vaccines, Moderna can produce them as early as 2022. The CMO even said that Moderna's platform could produce these new medicines quickly. 

"The remarkable thing about the mRNA vaccines, the Moderna platform, is that we can move very fast," he explained. 

However, since the new vaccines specifically for Omicron are still non-existent, Burton suggested that the best thing people can do is get vaccinated with the current COVID-19 vaccines. You can view this link to see more details.  

Will There be New Safety Measures Against Omicron? 

BBC News explained that not much about the new COVID-19 variant is known yet. Health experts said that it is still hard to actually implement new ones for the new virus when it comes to safety measures. 

However, they added that more efficient anti-COVID-19 actions would greatly help people, as well as health experts, to have more time to administer vaccine boosters, as well as create new vaccines. 

In other news, Alberta Canada's COVID-19 vaccine records website was shut down because of the alleged data breach.

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