PS5 Restock November 29 11AM PT Invite Only Event on PS Direct Spotted
(Photo : Image from Triyansh Gill on Unsplash) PS5 Restock November 29 11AM PT Invite Only Event on PS Direct Spotted

Purchasing the PS5 restock online has been one of the most difficult things for gamers to do ever since its launch. Luckily, a new PS5 restock expected to drop on November 29 11AM PT in an invite-only event on PS Direct.

Scalpers Disrupting the PS5 Restock

Scalpers have been making the playing field very difficult for regular buyers that either doesn't want to purchase the console at scalper prices or for buyers that can't afford the extra markup since they'll still have to purchase games. Whatever the reason may be, scalpers have been one of the largest problems for buyers on top of the already difficult global chip shortage.

According to an article by TheGamer in February of this year, scalpers have been able to rake in a massive $58 billion in profits. That number is expected to increase since scalpers have still remained a huge problem in the console community.

Potential PS5 Restock on PS Direct

Luckily, there is a way for buyers to increase their chances of purchasing the console online and this is through following PS5 restock tracker Twitter accounts online. Although this is not a guarantee, these restock trackers provide updates whenever new stock is available online, therefore, giving buyers a chance to act fast and try to snag the console for themselves.

Just recently, an invite-only PS Direct PS5 restock was announced to launch on November 29 at 11AM PT. This invite-only wave of new PS5 stock online is available for those that have signed up for the newsletter and already have an account with PlayStation.


How to Purchase the PS5 Online

For those that haven't owned a previous console in the past, it is important to sign up with PlayStation to receive invites whenever new stock arrives. Buyers who already had the previous PlayStation consoles most likely get invited to the new restock drop as well.

For owners of PlayStation accounts that haven't gotten any invites regarding new PS5 restock drops on the PlayStation Direct, one way to guarantee this is to review the spam folder or if the account enables PlayStation to send updates to the owner's email. Buyers should still check the website and see if they can subscribe for newsletters since this is usually how the new PS5 restock is announced.

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PlayStation Direct Process

Another important thing to note is that buyers have to make sure that they have filled out the information on their account for a smooth checkout. To add to this, one problem a lot of buyers have experienced is not finishing their checkout process details.

This can cause a massive problem later on as PlayStation Direct will not hold the console long enough for buyers to put in their details. Before any PS5 restock drop, buyers should ensure that their accounts are ready to simply check out the console, pay, and have it shipped.

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