The problem with investing in bigger projects like Ethereum or Bitcoin is the amount of room the project has left to grow.

Unlike crypto projects that have smaller market caps, both Ethereum and Bitcoin are already huge crypto projects, which leaves them with little room left to grow.

Projects Under $300 Million in Market Cap

Projects under $300 million in market cap, however, do have an opportunity to still scale due to their smaller market cap. This means that, with a few million (tens or hundreds), the projects still have the potential to double, triple, or multiply even more in value.

According to a tweet by Ben GCrypto, there are 10 different projects that are seen to have potential to multiply due to their use cases, community, and overall contribution to the blockchain. In fact, some of these projects like MDEX have already been around for quite some time. Meanwhile, other projects on this list just starting out.

Here are the Top 10 Crypto Projects with Market Cap Under $300 M: 

Injective Protocol

  • Cryptocurrency ticker: INJ

  • Market capitalization: 298 million USD

  • Trading value: 22 million

  • 30 day price change: negative 25 percent


  • Cryptocurrency ticker ANY

  • Market capitalization: 295 million USD

  • Trading value: 7.2 million USD

  • 30 day price change: negative 3.3 percent


  • Cryptocurrency ticker: AKT

  • Market capitalization: 286 million USD

  • Trading value: 3.4 million USD

  • 30 day price change: positive 38 percent


  • Cryptocurrency ticker: SXP

  • Market capitalization: 284 million USD

  • Trading value: 92 million USD

  • 30 day price change: negative 5.6 percent


  • Cryptocurrency ticker: ANT

  • Market capitalization: 279 million USD

  • Trading value: 90 million

  • 30 day price change: positive 72 percent


  • Cryptocurrency ticker COTI

  • Market capitalization: 272 million USD

  • Trading value: 24 million USD

  • 30 day price change: negative 1.5 percent


  • Cryptocurrency ticker CTSI

  • Market capitalization: 271 million USD

  • Trading value: 18 million USD

  • 30 day price change: negative 22 percent


  • Cryptocurrency ticker: SUPER

  • Market capitalization: 267 million USD

  • Trading value: 17 million USD

  • 30 day price change: negative 24 percent


  • Cryptocurrency ticker: MDX

  • Market capitalization: 255 million USD

  • Trading value: 7.5 million USD

  • 30 day price change: negative 26 percent


  • Cryptocurrency ticker: BICO

  • Market capitalization: 252 million USD

  • Trading value: 37 million USD

  • 30 day price change: negative 37 percent

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Smaller Market Caps Mean Higher Risk

With every smaller project, however, the risk is usually much bigger for investors. A smaller market cap usually equates to having smaller investors in the project. Because of that, there may be an increased risk of the project not doing as well as other or even completely flopping.

In general, smaller projects have a higher risk compared to bigger projects due to the fact that funding can easily exit the project at any given time. It is important, however, to DYOR by searching up the coins on certain platforms like CoinGecko in order to check if there are actual crypto investors or hedges believing in the project or not.


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