American Horror Story: Freak Show ended on Wednesday night on a happy note -- and on a bad note. The good news is that several favorite characters got what was coming to them, and the bad news? Well, Jessica Lange is not coming back.

The actress has been a central part of American Horror Story ever since the first season. Many fans view her as the backbone to the series due to her amazing talent for singing and acting. Now that she is gone, fans are wondering if the creators will be able to carry on.

The ending of Freak Show was just what many fans expected. Dandy went on a killing spree and, in the aftermath, many freaks were left dead or dying, and Elsa (Jessica Lange) was busy making the moves to become a Hollywood star.

Eventually, the remaining freaks managed to trick Dandy into a corner, where they placed him in a glass box. It didn't take long for him to begin begging for his life, but they would have none of it. The freaks, which included the likes of the twins, lobster boy, and the three-breast woman, turned on the water and watched him as he drowned in spectacular fashion.

We weren't so excited about how Dandy met his end because it lacked the right amount of excitement. However, it was exciting to watch the twins laughing as Dandy fought to hold his breath.

On the matter of Elsa, well, she became a big Hollywood star. She also managed to get married to a younger gentleman, but the whole marriage was a disaster from the start. Elsa also brought her dirty ways from the days of the freaks into Hollywood, but given her talent, no one cared.

However, things took a terrible turn when it was found out how Elsa really lost her legs. It didn't go down with the Hollywood bigwigs and her husband, as he left her on the spot. It was clear that her career was at its final crossroads, and that Elsa herself wouldn't make it.

In the end, Elsa chose to perform one more time before the media got wind of what was going on. She sang out loud as she would never do it again and, in the midst of her performance, Mandrake appeared via his green smoke effects. Only Elsa could see him, and right away she knew he was coming for her.

Interestingly enough, Mandrake chose not to take Elsa's soul and allowed her to spend eternity with the freaks that died by the hands of Dandy and others. This ghostly world turned out to be the perfect place for Elsa, as she got the chance to perform on a regular basis in front of a packed crowed.

We're going to miss Jessica Lange in the next American Horror Story season. We can only hope that someone will stand up to the task and bring it on next time around.

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