Tyrese Gibson Practically Begging Warner Bros. to Become the Next Green Lantern


Tyrese Gibson is a man on a mission to become Green Lantern. The actor has been busy on social media showing off photoshopped images of himself as John Stewart, and you know what? Fans are actually rallying behind the idea.

From what we can tell, Tyrese is very serious about wanting to take on the role as Green Lantern, and he is doing everything in his power to make sure the boys and Warner Bros. realize that the fans are behind him on this.

The actor is even willing to ask other actors whose fans would love to see them too as Green Lantern to step aside. One such actor is Idris Elba, a man who is known for his role as Heimdal in the Thor movies, and a man who could become the next James Bond.

"I am fully committed to suiting up for this adventure."

"Loving this energy..... Shout to @_raphael_leite_ Idris fall back I got this!" says Gibson on Instagram

We can't be certain if Gibson is the right man for the job, but if he is, chances are he might have to wait a long time before playing the part. At the moment, Warner Bros.' plan for the DC superhero kicks off in 2020, and if rumors are to be believed, the studio could reboot the hero with Hal Jordan at the helm once more.

However, we doubt anything can stop Tyrese right now as be believes Warner Bros. and DC should listen to the needs of the fans and cast him as Green Lantern. Still, we can't remember a time Warner Bros. and DC actually cast an actor in a role suggested by the fans, so already Tyrese is at a disadvantage.

Let's be serious about this for a moment. Is Tyrese Gibson good enough to act as John Stewart in a Green Lantern movie?

Hard to tell since we can't remember seeing the actor in a film that had us rooting for his acting skills. We're not saying he's not capable, but the movies he chose to be a part of in his career have failed to show the world he got what it takes to be a great actor.

If we had to choose between Gibson and Idris Elba right now, we'd definitely choose Elba without thinking twice.

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