Cablevision accused Verizon Communications of falsely advertising to TV, radio and Internet users that it has the fastest Wi-Fi service available. Filed at the U.S. District Court in Central Islip, New York, the complaint charges Verizon of supporting its claim on having the fastest Wi-Fi service on the carrier's new network routers which it has installed for up to $199.99. Cablevision has the same routers used for its Optimum network which, unlike Verizon, are absolutely free from any charges.

Cablevision added in the complaint that Verizon's advertisement is the carrier's attempt to disrupt the launch of its low-cost "Freewheel" mobile service. The company touts the service as something that could affect the sales of Verizon and other carriers.

"Verizon has no public Wi-Fi network. In addition, Verizon's in-home routers are not faster than Optimum Smart Routers and cost Verizon customers hundreds of dollars while Optimum's are free," stated by Cablevision in the lawsuit.

This is not the first time that Cablevision has sued the carrier. In 2011, the cable provider filed a lawsuit against Verizon over allegations that it has misrepresented Cablevision's Internet performance as stated by an FCC study which is already outdated.

In the previous lawsuit, the cable provider alleged that the FCC study had been labeled as "just released" and stated that "Cablevision delivered at most 59 percent of its advertised speeds during peak hours." FCC had conducted the tests in March which occurred long before Cablevision did some upgrades.

The issue on Internet speed is once again brought up in the lawsuit filed currently by Cablevision. The latter expressed that Verizon's claim that it has superior speed than the rest "is deliberately designed to undercut Cablevision's competitive Wi-Fi advantage in the marketplace." The company added that the carrier's ad is "likely to interfere with Cablevision's impending roll out of a new Wi-Fi-only voice, text and data service."

Verizon rejected the complaint filed by Cablevision.

"This is a boldface ploy to promote Cablevision's latest wireless gambit," said Verizon in a statement. "A third party has tested and validated the FiOS Quantum Gateway router. It offers the fastest in-home Wi-Fi available from any provider."

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