Apple is going the concierge route with its Genius Bar retail locations, undertaking a triage-like strategy in assessing a customer's device issue and then determining a support response time based on the severity of the problem.

This could mean less waiting time for some customers, and an opportunity to use wait time a bit more productively for those whose Apple device problem may be scheduled for a later time in the day. It may also prove to be a boon for nearby retailers as Apple customers may use their Genius wait time for shopping and browsing.

The revamp, reportedly called "Concierge," has been quietly piloted at a few Apple stores and will reportedly go full force come March 9. The new customer service approach is the brainchild of Angela Ahrendts, the former Burberry CEO that Apple hired as senior VP of retail 10 months ago.

Ahrendts has been steadily making store management changes and revamping both customer service strategies at Apple's stores. One report cites new communications efforts as well, including a weekly video message between managers and employees. She's even swapped out the Genius Bar uniform.

As Tech Times reported last week, one rumored change coming to stores is an internal re-design for highlighting the impending Watch wearable that Apple is prepping for official launch in April.

The new customer response strategy will end the first-come, first served approach now in place. Apple customers who use the online appointment schedule service will continue to be able to schedule specific times for support assistance.

The 'concierge' service is an algorithm incorporated into an updated iPad application. Apple customer service reps will log a customer's issue into the app and the app will provide an estimated wait time based on other issues that are logged in the system. The more severe issue will get attention sooner than less critical issues.

Once the customer's issue is logged and scheduled Apple's app will then send the customer three text messages. The first will confirm the request and provide the wait time. The second will ask the customer to return to the store and the third will tell the customer it's their time with a support person and where to find the technician in the Genius Bar.

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