From announcing a new video game, to performing on SNL, to talking about Elon Musk and "The Futch" with Zane Lowe, Kanye West has been quite busy as of late. But despite all of his public appearances, the notoriously talkative rapper hasn't released too many details on his "80 percent completed album up until now. Last night, West finally announced the title for his Yeezus follow-up on Twitter. 

Called So Help Me God, the album title was also accompanied by an image of a diamond shape connected by four lower-case m's. This image, which Reddit discovered to be a 13th-century monastic symbol for the Virgin Mary, could be the cover art for the album.

It isn't too surprising that West decided to mysteriously announce the title of his album in the middle of the night without too much fanfare, given the fact that he stated in an interview with New York hip-hop station Power 105 that release dates are "100 percent played out." But if West wants to release his album in a surprise fashion, similar to Beyonce and Drake, he may have a little bit more trouble now.  The music industry announced earlier this week that starting this summer, they are setting the universal global album release day to Friday. This standardized policy will ultimately make it harder for any artist to release a surprise album. But we're sure West will find some way around it. 

"My last album was a protest of music," West told Power 105. "But this album is just embracing the music, embracing joy and just being a service to the people."

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