Augmented reality buffs will be delighted to learn that the Samsung Gear VR headset meant for consumers is poised to release before the year is out.

The news is straight from the horse's mouth -- John Carmack, Oculus' CTO. At the Game Developers Conference 2015, Carmack let on that the Samsung Gear VR headset, for which both Oculus and Samsung have collaborated, will make its debut in the Korean company's next product cycle.

Carmack, however, did not let on a specific time window for the product's release, but said that Samsung would "go out and do their blitz."

The next product cycle bit, however, suggests that the Samsung Gear VR meant for consumers will release alongside the next iteration of the Galaxy Note phablet in September of this year.

Carmack also extended his apologies to early developers for the Samsung Gear VR as based on his enthusiasm, they possibly hurried to devise products that would work in tandem with the platform.  Samsung unveiled the Innovator Edition of its Gear VR headset in September 2014, but content for the device was pushed out slowly.

Although Samsung was keen on a consumer release of the Gear VR per Carmack, Facebook-owned Oculus was worried that software for the headset was not in a suitable condition for release. Oculus harbored concerns over the low 60fps refresh rate of the platform, which could make users ill.

Carmack let on that people will know by the aggressive marketing when the Samsung Gear VR for consumers is ready for release.

"When everything is ready, ads will be everywhere. Oculus is going forward as hard as we can, trying to sell as many units as possible with the next Gear VR," revealed Carmack.

For those wondering if the consumer variant of the Gear VR will differ from the Innovator Edition, per Carmack, not much will separate the two. However, Oculus is hoping to assimilate improved ergonomics and optics in the consumer variant of the Samsung Gear VR.

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