Academy Award-winning actor Kevin Spacey is set to produce a documentary series on presidential campaigns. Will there be finger-tapping? A breaking of the fourth wall? Frank Underwood's on-point accent? Given Spacey's role on House of Cards, these are many of the questions whirling through our minds.

The six-part miniseries will air on CNN as one of the network's original series. The docu-series is currently titled Race for the White House and each hour will deep dive into one candidate's campaign for the presidency.

"Each hour will tell the story of a four-year, no-holds-barred battle to become the most powerful person in the world, culminating in a single night of heart pounding tension," according to the press release. "

The press release also throws in that there will be "dirty tricks" and "Machiavellian schemes" involved, which seems pretty House of Card-esque to us. Though how CNN and Spacey are going to convince candidates to reveal the seedy underbelly of the campaign world is a question that still remains.

Though there is certainly no scarcity of presidential-based fiction and nonfiction material out there, from documentary series to dramas, it will be interesting to see how this particular series interacts with the 2016 presidential elections and CNN's coverage of the campaign.  

Spacey will co-executive produce with Diana Brunetti. The series is set to debut in 2016.

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