It's a gig that not everyone has the stomach for, but Gemma Kirby manages to do it sometimes twice a night or more. As part of Circus XTREME, she places herself into the cannon and gets launched into the air at 66 miles per hour to a cheering crowd.

To commemorate her 500th launch, Kirby strapped a GoPro camera onto herself, to give the world a firsthand look at what she sees as a human cannonball with the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus show. Get ready for a stomach churning ride!

The amazing footage was taken for Mashable at the show in Philadelphia last month. Kirby, at 25 years old, is the youngest human cannonball in the world according to reports. For the show, she is hurled 40 feet high in the air and lands 100 feet away from her starting point.

Every time she is shot out of the cannon, she experiences G-force of 7 -- Not a bad gig!

She also posted photos of herself mid-flight on her social media accounts.

In the GoPro footage, Kirby's fellow performers are seen wishing her well on her 500th ride through the air. We see her point of view as she sets up and the performers dance around the cannon, building up the excitement for her act.

The lights in the big tent are bright, but everything goes black when Kirby lowers herself into the cannon. Amidst the host speaking to the audience outside her cannon, we can also hear some technical people checking in to see if everything is still running smoothly.

Finally, we hear Kirby confidently say, "Ready," as she begins some deep breathing. Outside, the countdown begins. Even watching it on a computer screen, you hold your breath for her as she prepares to be shot out.

The cannon goes BOOM! And the footage is slowed down to fully appreciate Kirby's flight across the big top and the precise landing on the cushioned pad. It's a wild job and you definitely need to have the constitution of steel to try it - let alone do it 500 times!

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