Twitter just made it easier to track your tweets, followers and profile visits by adding a new home page dedicated to analytics today.

Twitter's analytics page has existed before, but the social media company added a fresh new "Account home" page that gives detailed summaries of your activity including your top Tweets, top mentions, followers and even your top "media tweet", or tweet that had a picture or video attached.

Account home lays out all the information in a simple and appealing way. Like if you have a lot of green numbers and arrows pointing upwards that means you're becoming quite the social media butterly. All this info is broken down by month, so if you scroll down you'll travel back in time to see how all your old top tweets did. It even suggests tips on how to improve your social media strategy so you can become an even more beautiful butterfly.

Account home offers a bunch of the usual metric you would expect, too, including the number of times you tweeted; your impressions, or number of times your tweet appears in users' timelines, in search results, or from your profil; the number of times your profile has been visisted; the number of times your username gets mentioned in tweet; how many new followers you gaine; and how many times tweets link to you.

And if you dislike Twitter's new Account homepage for whatever reason, Tweeters can still use the tweet activity dashboard, which was the previous landing page for, by clicking the "Tweets" tab located in the header right between "Home" and "Followers."

Advertisers will also be happy to know that Twitter has simplified Twitter Ads with "quick promote", the ability to promote tweets directly from your profile. All you have to do is select your best-performing tweet, choose a budget and watch your analytics grow greener and greener.

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