HTC is planning a big announcement for U.S. customers on March 18. A new report claims the company will announce a replacement program that covers for up to a year if your phone is damaged or you switch carriers.

As the Android flagship smartphone battle gets more intense with each passing year, manufacturers are turning to more than just high-end specs to tempt consumers into signing that new 2-year contract admission price. To hedge its bets, Samsung is preparing to launch two new handsets that trade in the usual cheap-feeling plastic for more premium materials like metal and glass in the upcoming Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

HTC, which launched its 2015 flagship smartphone, the HTC One M9 already, has the"premium" smartphone recipe down. When the company launched last year's One M8, it also introduced a new replacement program called HTC Advantage for its One series (One Mini and One Max). The program provided a free replacement if you cracked the display within the first six months. It also came with a promise of providing timely software updates to major revisions of Android and HTC Sense UI.

We just reported that HTC is planning a big announcement on March 18 for the U.S. HTC One M9 and we now have an idea of what to expect. Android Central is reporting that HTC will unveil a new "Uh-oh" service that builds upon last year's HTC Advantage program.

The site's source claims that the new "Uh-oh" service will provide users with a full year of protection compared with the six months offered by HTC Advantage. It will also cover issues beyond cracked displays, like water damage and switching carriers within the first year. The site also says that HTC will offer a buyback system that will include up to $100 toward a new HTC One smartphone.

We'll be covering HTC's event and will report back all of the official details.

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