These days, if you want to be a famous music star, you don't necessarily have to wait around for a record exec to come knocking on your door. With the likes of YouTube and SoundCloud, the Internet has democratized the talent search process. Now anyone with a webcam and an Internet connection can bypass all of that by uploading a video of themselves singing the latest Ariana Grande song in the hopes that someone with some show biz connections will discover them. Hey, it worked for Justin Bieber, didn't it?

Now a new app may revolutionize stardom in the digital age once again.

Chosen is like American Idol in app form. The app, which just launched its invite-only beta version for iOS devices Thursday, allows users to enter a mobile talent competition to see if they can become the next big thing.

However, Chosen isn't for American Idol hopefuls that are too lazy to leave their homes. It's unique in that users are also the judges. If you've ever wanted to be as supportive to aspiring singers as Paula Abdul or tear them down like Simon Cowell, this is your chance.

While this all sounds super serious, Chosen is really just like a mobile game. If you're a performer, you can record an original song, sing karaoke or just lip sync. If you're feeling extra judgmental that day, you have to watch two performances back-to-back, choose the one you like best and then record a critique. You also have to judge the other judges. Got that?

As they use the app, performers and judges alike can rack up badges and compete to rise to the top in their respective fields. In addition to a chance at fame and pride and glory, users can also compete in tournaments to win actual prizes like taking the stage at Bonnaroo for winning performers and backstage passes to the music festival for winning judges.

And, just like the real American Idol, there might be live recap shows on YouTube with the hopes that they might eventually air on Amazon or Netflix, Chosen's founder David Hyman, who is also the former CEO of Beats Music, Gracenote and MOG, told The Hollywood Reporter.

Of course, Chosen's success not only depends on whether or not people will use the app but also the quality of the performers and judges alike. Since we now live in a society where people crave their 15 minutes of fame more than ever, I don't doubt that Chosen will find its captive audience. But will Chosen be something that's ultimately fun and entertaining to be a part of? The jury is still out on that.

Photo: Tim Dorr | Flickr 

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