Music festival season is upon us — so bring out the high-waisted shorts and gather your friends for a weekend of good music and good vibes.

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is one of the most highly anticipated music festivals each year. What began in 1993 as a protest of Ticketmaster by Pearl Jam has become one of the largest and most famous festivals with 579,000 people in attendance last year.

Coachella is known for its lineup that includes the biggest artists and upcoming bands, with music lovers gathering in the desert for two weekends of raging.

If you're not a stranger to the festival scene, then you know there are always a few characters you can expect to see. Sometimes we fall into these stereotypes ourselves, because there's no shame in the festival game.

And if this is your first time at a music festival — then get ready for one of the best times you will ever have. Festivals are all about spending time with you favorite people while you listen to your favorite songs that that lift your mood — even though that sometimes has to do with other mood-lifting substances.

Here are the 8 types of people you probably will see at Coachella.

1. The Fashionista

Fashion has become one of the main things to look forward to at Coachella. There are even clothing brands like Forever 21 offering festival-inspired looks to shop. Coachella is all about the hippie-chic look that draws heavily on fringe and flower headbands. Most girls will channel their inner Lana del Rey and go for a 60s look. Be prepared to see lots of crop tops and fedoras.

2. The Celebrity In Disguise

The lineup for this year's Coachella is huge, with artists like Drake, AC/DC, Alesso, Florence + The Machine, The Weekend and Alabama Shakes set to perform. And it's not just your average music fan coming to see these sets live — Coachella also brings celebrities out to the desert.

Leonardo DiCaprio famously partied at the Desert Pool Party last year, and Jared Leto, Alessandra Ambrosia and Jay Z were also in attendance – all wearing a bandanna or scarf to hide their faces (and protect themselves from sandstorms!) – but other stars like Kendall and Kylie Jenner, as well as Vanessa Hudgens, proudly walk around to enjoy the fun.

3. The Instagram Addict

Of course you want to snap selfies and takes videos of your favorite acts, but there will probably be that one person in your group who just won't get off the phone. Instead of living in the moment, they'll try to capture every second of it — constantly tweeting what a good time they are having. This person will quickly get on your nerves, making you wish there weren't phone charging stations. Thankfully, selfie sticks are banned this year.

4. The Person Who Went Too Hard

There is always that one person who indulged in too many mind-altering substances or drank a few too many too soon. There's still daylight and this person is lying passed out on the grass. But don't assume they're passed out for those reasons. All that time in the sun and all that walking can really do a number on your body. Let this partygoer get their rest, but just make sure they aren't in need of a water station ASAP. Party responsibly, people — and make sure to bring your hat and shades.

5. The Person Still Going Hard

On the opposite side of the spectrum is that one person who pulls an energizer bunny all weekend. They keep going hard with no sign of stopping — loving life and the entire experience. They don't care about the main stage events and would rather stay in the Sahara Tent and rave to EDM. You kind of wonder what's going on in this person's head, but from the wide-eyed gaze they have, you probably won't ever understand.

This is your go-to festival person if you want to turn up to the max — just make sure you can keep up with their nonstop jumping dance moves.

6. The Backstage Bandit

You can spot someone with VIP or backstage access a mile away by their stack of wristbands. These people are usually part of the media, like photographers or bloggers — but you can tell that they get around the festival scene if they have wristbands halfway up their arm.

These are the people who probably know the best food trucks the grab some grub. Who knows, they may just be someone like Marcus Haney, who made the documentary No Cameras Allowed about sneaking behind stage at Coachella and over 50 music festivals. But if you notice a person with two to three wristbands, they probably just have all-weekend passes and are fond of the Beer Garden.

7. The Main Event-er

This person saves all their energy for the main event. They paid big money to see their favorite act and they'll start standing out in the sun early to get the perfect viewing spot for the main stage act. This is the person in the crowd you see going from zero to 100 when the music starts, and is probably along the lines of a frat boy type who can't seem to find his shirt.

8. The Laid Back Veteran 

This person is too cool to be in the crowd, but doesn't think they're too cool to attend the festival. They come every year and know what to expect, so they usually just end up hanging on the grass, giving the half-naked teenie boppers side-shade — but they still make sure not to miss the artists they came out to see.

They probably know someone working some part of the festival, and keep it laid back and low-key. Their camp has all the essentials at Joshua Tree, including extra sunscreen and their own musical instruments.

The annual two-weekend Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival kicks off April 10-12 and 17-19 at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California.

Photo: Shawn Ahmed | Flickr 

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