Ever wanted to see a rap battle between Hodor and Groot? Well, it is possible to do this after the guys at The Warp Zone created an excellent video of both characters dropping sick rhymes alongside an awesome beat.

We understand the rap battle was inspired by a Reddit conversation on who would win in such a classic showdown.

The discussion, from what we have seen, has most folks rooting for Groot, due to the fact that his speech is more expansive when compared to Hodor, who can only say, Hodor.

In the video, Hodor stepped up to the mic first with Bran Stark and Catelyn Stark as part of his entourage. As expected, all he said throughout the two-minute video is "Hodor, Hodor, Hodor" repeatedly. However, we tend to like what we were reading in the translated text. Hodor was smooth from beginning to finish, and his lyrics were not all over the place as if he was trying too hard.

As for Groot, he came with Rocket Raccoon. His only words were: "I am Groot" repeatedly and nothing more. When it came down to the translation, it was filled with unnecessary obscenities, as if a member of the The Warp Zone team was a fan of Guardians of the Galaxy, and thus tried too hard to make Groot come off as cool. We do believe this was not needed, but because it's rap, the writers chose to add it in anyway.

Because of this, Groot's lyrics were a bit tasteless, well, mainly because the profanities were not used smartly. We all know Groot is the smarter one of the two characters, but this rap battle made Hodor come off smarter in his selection of words and how they were delivered.

In the end, though, it was fun to watch the creature and the man going head to head. This video should put all conversations to rest, or maybe a new conversation will derive from it.

Right now, the big question is who won? Was it Groot, or was it Hodor? We'll leave that decision up to you, the reader, to make. But we have a feeling who will come out on top in the minds of the public.

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