Like Henna for laptop cases, the Brik Case, currently on Kickstarter, is for those individuals who don't want to commit to stickers and engravings. Instead of going through the painful process of removing unwanted ink from a laptop, the Brik Case enables users to decorate their MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs with plastic building blocks.

The Brik Case turns the lids of compatible laptops into a canvas that's not dissimilar to a Lego plate. Users can customize their Brik Cases with blocks from a number of manufacturers, though Jolt Team, the company behind the Kickstarter project, stresses that it hold no licenses for K'Nex Bricks, Lego, Mega Bloks, Kre-O or PixelBlocks.

"Some people like to spice up their laptops with stickers on the back," reads the Kickstarter page. "We couldn't help thinking, though, that stickers are sticky. Plus, once they're stuck, you're stuck. So we designed a case that permits constant change, collaboration, and originality."

The Brik Case clips onto the lid of a compatible laptop, proving the construction surface for toy building blocks and, as an added benefit, making the portable computer even easier to grip.

For those who don't feel that they can come up with a compelling Lego-like design on their own, the Jolt Team is offering to convert user submissions into blueprints. If an individual submits a logo along with a Kickstarter pledge, the Brik Case will ship with a guide on how to build that custom design with the 1 x 1 brick.

With about three weeks left in the Kickstarter campaign, Jolt Team's Brik Case has smashed its $30,000 goal and has raked in about $40,000 in pledges. There aren't any other funding phases of the campaign, so those interested in owning a Brik Case should get the best price now before it leaves Kickstarter. The Brik Case is expected to sell for $40 bucks, though one can be reserved with a $35 pledge. The "early builder" tier is sold out, so consumers can no longer get a Brik Case with a $30 pledge.

The first batch of Brik Cases is expected to ship in August of this year. The Jolt Team has vowed to deliver the Brik Case on time and constructed to the exact specifications outlined in the Kickstarter campaign.

"Our team is excited to change the MacBook owners' means of self-expression," says the Jolt Team. "We promise to make the Brik Case a reality no matter the obstacles that may arise."

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