Technology keeps on making many things possible and better. Think, for example, the awesome Xbox One, again launching its third round of feature updates this April.

In a statement posted at Xbox Wire, the company selected some Xbox Live members, lucky enough to preview the system updates earlier than the rest. It also disclosed the feature updates, soon available to Xbox Live community, as the following:

As for saving and updating game and application, you can now view their status because of a "game save progress bar" added. Made easily recognizable as well as the games and apps previously updated or currently updating.

Notifications will also help you know if friends and favorites signed in to Xbox Live. The company said this is among the most often requested features, so it made sure of its inclusion in the April update. Friends in the multiplayer game will be known, too, in your friends' list. The ability to view the most popular apps of your friends will also be added.

For video-playback issues, which certain Xbox Live members based in Europe complained about in the past, the company added a Blu-ray 50 Hz video output support for content.

Members can expect a fine-tuning of the reliability and quality of the Xbox One commands, too, with the added improvements on the Kinect voice and motion.

Also expect an improved GameDVR video quality, much thanks to the improvements on compression algorithm.

Customer issues when they control TVs, set top boxes and receivers will be addressed by the updates made to Xbox One device management.

New audio settings, which will be used in tuning the volume when you use Kinect in communications, are add-ons as well.

The beta program went up on Feb. 20 but only by chosen members were able to try it out.

Prior to the April update, the company released two other updates: one in February and another in March. February update showed an improved user interface and other new features. March update, on the other hand, put on the table new multi-player focused features to correspond with the release of Titanfall on Mar.11

Xbox Wire described Titanfall as a "team-based online multiplayer game that showcases the power of Xbox Live."

The company believed such invite would bring about feedback on the upcoming features.

"We value all of the feedback we are getting from you. We know external hard drive storage is still a big one and we've promised before it's on our list - I assure you that it still is. We'll continue regular updates to Xbox One," wrote Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb, the Xbox Live Director of Programming.

He also said to watch out for more invites to be sent to selected Xbox Live members all over the globe based on their existing Xbox One markets. The lucky ones will be asked to register. Upon registration, they will go ahead with trial on the early feature updates, and then later share their feedback via private forum. 

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