'Star Wars' Emojis Just Launched On Twitter - Perfect For Geeking Out Over The New Trailer


Today may as well be renamed Star Wars Day: with the Star Wars Celebration event launching in Anaheim earlier this morning and a new trailer blowing up the Internet, it seems that Star Wars has officially taken over.

Of course, fans flooded social media with excitement over the new trailer - and, when they got to Twitter, there was a little surprise waiting for them.

As part of a partnership with Disney and Lucasfilm, Twitter released a set of tiny Star Wars emoji for use on both the site and the app. There are only a few to choose from, but the ones available are as close to perfect as you can get - and the best part is that all you need to do is use a hashtag, and the emoji are in!

The available emoji are of the new Episode VII Stormtroopers, C3PO and the ball-droid BB8. They're tiny, sure - but there's a surprising amount of detail on the emojis. The Stormtrooper emoji in particular is adorable, though C3PO's giant inflated head is a close second.

Thankfully, there's no secondary app to install or update to download: all you have to do is use the the appropriate hashtag (#Stormtrooper, #C3PO and #BB8 respectively), and it'll pop up once you post your tweet.

Twitter hasn't announced any plans to bring other emoji to the service (where's Boba Fett?), and there's no telling how long the emjoi will be available. It's safe to say that the little guys will be available throughout the entire Star Wars Celebration weekend, but anything after that is still up in the air.

So, while people geek out over that new trailer for the next three days, expect to see quite a few of these guys popping up - after all, what's the point in social media if you can't flood people's feeds with tiny pictures of adorable Stormtroopers?

Star Wars Celebration is happening now through April 19, and Episode VII: The Force Awakens will debut on Dec. 18.

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