iPhone Vs. Android Debate Turns Ugly As Two Tulsa Men Stab Each Other


Two roommates in Tulsa, Oklahoma stabbed each other after arguing about the superiority of iPhones and Android mobile devices Friday.

According to reports, the two men were drinking when they got into the argument about mobile phones. The situation suddenly turned violent, with the roommates breaking their beer bottles and proceeding to stab each other using the shards. One of the men also smashed a bottle over the other's head.

A witness found one of the men covered in blood while stumbling around Evergreen Apartments around 1 a.m. The police were immediately summoned.

The two roommates, identified as Jiro Mendez and Elias Ecevo, were taken to the hospital for treatment. Neither of the men sustained life-threatening injuries. The police said that both of them will face charges of assault with a deadly weapon once they are discharged from the hospital.

A third man was reportedly seen drinking with the two roommates when the stabbing incident occurred. He, however, mysteriously disappeared by the time the authorities arrived.

Violent Argument over Brand Names

This is not the first time a argument about preferred brands resulted into violence. 

In March, an argument between two elderly men in Louisiana over beer brands ended in a violent shooting.

The dispute reportedly erupted when Clarence Sturdivant asked his friend Walter Merrick for a Budweiser beer. Merrick handed him can of Busch instead. The situation heightened when Merrick suddenly pulled a gun on Sturdivant. Sturdivant reacted by shooting Merrick in the arm in "self defense."

Violent Argument over Technology

In similarly petty but far more tragic circumstances, two teenage boys from Illinois were shot to death after an argument on Facebook involving a power cord. Jordan Means, 16, and Anthony Bankhead, 18, were found dead in a basement in Chicago.

Jordan's mother said that her son had gotten into an argument with three older men over an alleged stolen power cord, which escalated with the April 2014 shooting.

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