Recreating scenes and trailers from popular films with Legos is nothing new. We've seen it time and time again and it's always cool to see. Stop-motion animating so many small figures and bricks is no easy task, and it takes considerable time, skill and patience.

This latest Lego recreation, however, is on another level entirely. BrotherhoodWorkshop on YouTube has painstakingly recreated the first Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer shot-for-shot, and it is beautiful.

Why is BrotherhoodWorkshop recreating the film's first trailer, as opposed to one of the more recent TV spots, trailers or clips released for the film? That's because work began on this recreation more than five months ago when the trailer first released. It took them that long to put this two-minute video together, but boy, did their work pay off.

It's all about quality. The level of detail seen in the video is insane. It has special lighting, smoke effects and even "Legofied" versions of the Marvel and Avengers logos. The animation itself is fantastic as well. It is smooth and seamless in a way that most Lego recreations aren't. The results are top-notch.

Plus, it has a Lego Hulk battling it out with Iron Man in his Lego Hulkbuster Armor. That is just plain cool.

There are plenty more Lego recreations where that came from. We have the Matrix, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and more. Take your pick. Meanwhile, the real Avengers will be getting themselves into trouble while doing press for their upcoming movie.

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