Over the years, the people at Blendtec have blended a number of gadgets in a YouTube campaign series that aims to answer the question "Will it blend." So far, they have "successfully" blended smartphones, tablets, and even the guitar controller from Guitar Hero 3.

The company is also known to have a certain level of affinity with Apple products. They have tried "blending" products such as iPhones and iPads. Now that the Apple Watch has launched, it's not surprising that the wearable has become the the apple of Blendtec's eye.

Their latest video features the Apple Watch Sport. The experiment is conducted by Tom Dickson, the mastermind behind the YouTube series. He attempted to amuse his audience by talking to the Watch through Siri.

"Thankfully, the real Apple Watch is finally here, and boy is she a beauty," said Dickson.

Siri responded by saying, "Thank you Tom. That is nice of you to say."

Siri was also heard saying the words "inspiring" and "disturbing" as she commented on Dickson's claim that he has blended almost everything that Apple has made. Siri then tried to convince Dickson that the Apple Watch was made to be worn on the wrist - not something to be put inside a blender.

"But the Apple Watch is a work of art. It should be on your wrist, not in a Blendtec."

Prior to the "Blendtec" challenge on the Apple Watch, the wearable has been subjected to a number of other torture trials. These range from the "little scientific" tests to ones that are more controlled and seriously scientific in nature. In the case of Blendtec's experiment with the Apple Watch, there doesn't seem to be anything scientific or educational at play.

This time, the wearable went on a face-off with a blender and just like the iPhone 6 Plus, it turned into fine particles that looked like ash. There was even smoke seen on top, which came out when the blender cover was removed.

Dickson then placed the "Apple Watch" dust on the table, exclaiming, "Oh! Siri smoke! Don't breathe this."

Asking, "so what's up next?" Dickson hinted at using the same experiment on an Apple car:

"I hear Apple is building their own car. I can deal with that."                                                                                                  

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