With a protective case to prop it up and an ergonomic keyboard, Apple's latest tablet becomes a force for work and productivity. The best case of each person will come down to personal tastes in the end, but this round will at least provide a place to start.

Last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook said he does about 80 percent of his work on his iPad and encourage more people to do so as well. Funneling that sort of productivity through an iPad requires the right equipment.  Here are some choices to consider if you are looking for a keyboard case for your iPad Air 2:

Zagg Rugged Book Case

This keyboard case features several "modes" to best suit the task at hand, whether that be reading a book or writing a report. With its keyboard attached, the $150 Zagg Rugged Book Case provides 135 degrees of viewing angles.

The Zagg Rugged Book Case backlights its keys on keyboard mode and locks to the desired angle in video mode. In book mode, the keyboard swings behind the iPad and locks into place. And in case mode, the keyboard detaches from the iPad cover.

Powering the Zagg Rugged Book Case is a rechargeable battery that only needs to be charged about once every two years.

ClamCase Pro iPad Air 2 Keyboard Case

Bound by a patent-pending hinge, the $170 ClamCase Pro delivers 360 degrees of rotation. The ClamCase Pro protects iPad Air 2 tablets with a polycarbonate shell and an aluminum enclosure.

The case has a complete QWERTY keyboard and function keys that enables users to take full advantages of iOS' secondary functions. The keyboard case also includes a headphone adapter.

Logitech Type +

The $80 Type + is a traditional pop-up case for the iPad Air 2, which delivers two view angles - that's flat and upright. This keyboard case is the lightest and thinnest on the list, though it still offers protection against liquids and bumps.

The Logitech Type + also features auto wake, which triggers the iPad when the keyboard case is opened.


The aluminum body of the $190 BrydgeAir Gold includes a keyboard with backlit keys, a 180-degree hinge and built-in stereo speakers. The BrydgeAir Gold can operate for up to three months on a single charge, though the use of its backlit keys could significantly reduce that time.

The BrydgeAir comes in gold, silver and space gray to match the iPad colors and deliver a cosmetically flushed appearance.

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