Celebrities often do strange things to keep up their appearance and the "Hannibal Lecter" facial (really called Iderm galvanic treatment) is no exception. One of the most requested services at the Marianne Kehoe Skin Studio in Studio City, California gets its nickname from the electrode mask worn during treatment, similar to the one worn by the infamous film character.

Performed by celebrity esthetician Marianne Kehoe, the facial provides dramatic results for the skin from the inside out. Galvanic treatments are performed to deeply cleanse the skin, minimizing bacterial growth while increasing circulation and decreasing inflammation, leaving skin looking firmer, tighter, brighter and with a more even complexion.

"With your treatment you will experience immediate results, feeling refreshed, tightened and hydrated. However, it is necessary to maintain your facial treatments over time to improve the texture, tone and health of your skin," says Kehoe. "It's like going to the gym for your skin! My clients love how it makes them look 10 years younger."

First, clients relax with a yucca root solution covered by a heat dome to encourage impurities deep in the skin to surface. This heated dome allows the skin to retain natural moisture as it releases toxins. Next is the extraction process, where each and every pore is expunged for the deepest cleanse possible before the facial electrode mask is used to deliver an even flow of low amperage galvanic current over the entire face and neck. This stimulation deeply infuses a vitamin-rich mineral solution into the skin.

According to Kehoe's publicity team, ionization techniques have been used for the treatment of skin for over 70 years. The Iderm treatment process is a proprietary type of treatment technology that is owned by Dermaculture. It was responsible for introducing the concept of ionization to the entire skin care industry and integrates the cosmetic application of vitamin-rich skin care solutions.

This treatment utilizes direct galvanic currents to introduce vitamin-rich solutions into the dermal tissue. There are two ionization processes: Cataphoresis,which is apositive ion, and anaphoresis, a negative ion. A positive treatment causes an acidic reaction that helps to firm the skin and promote new cell growth. A negative treatment creates an alkaline reaction and is used to soften the skin and stimulate circulation. Negative treatments are commonly used to loosen impacted cystic acne for deep cleansing of the skin. The treatment process uses a very low intensity current to maintain safety when applied to the skin.

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