Payback's anything but a Skip.

After losing his bet with ESPN First Take co-host Stephen A. Smith, over the Floyd Mayweather Jr.-Manny Pacquiao fight Saturday night, Skip Bayless was forced to don The Money Team hat and T-shirt live on the show Monday morning.

After stomaching Stephen A.'s trash talk for several minutes, Bayless absolutely exploded in one of the best meltdowns you'll ever see on live television.

"You've said enough ... because I've heard enough! I have worn this garbage long enough. This is it! Done with you!" a seething, red-hot Bayless stood up by the First Take desk yelling, before removing and throwing The Money Team hat off the show's set.

"I've worn this garbage long enough!" Bayless screamed, removing the T-shirt and chucking it at First Take cameras as well.

"You're not going to honor the bet?" a miffed Stephen A. asked.

"This is coming off. T-B-E the biggest ego ever," Bayless said, referring to Mayweather's moniker of "The Best Ever." "I got to fix my hair, I got to fix me. Now, it's my turn to talk on this show because I got a whole lot to say and you got a whole lot to listen to."

Watch the unbelievable meltdown here.

Shockingly — and rather absurdly — Skip insisted Pacman won the fight.

Seriously, Skip? Albeit, the fight lacked some major fireworks, but Mayweather did land 148 punches to Pacquiao's 81. Pacquiao himself said that he tried his best, but his best wasn't enough. What fight were you watching, Skip? Bayless not fulfulling the bet by wearing the TMT gear for the show's full two hours made Stephen A. vow to never follow through with a bet himself. 

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