Every once in a while, something on the Internet will come around that is so bizarre, it's hard to put into words.

The Mountains of Mouthness is one of those things.

Here's the setup: The Mountains of Mouthness is a webpage where two sentient mountains, complete with mouths, overlook a quaint village. However, these aren't any old, talking mountains — these mountains read tweets.

Specifically, they read tweets that include certain hashtags (like #mountains, #mouthness or #bad) or are directed towards the official @MoMouthness Twitter account.

The results are, well, certainly something. You really have to experience it for yourself. Because this is Twitter we are talking about, the vast majority of phrases being spouted out by these two dapper mountains are NSFW. The mountains try their best to sound classy, though. The smooth tone of their voices make even the silliest and most offensive tweets sound grandiose and downright proper.

As for the village in the foreground, your guess is as good as mine. What are those little security camera people doing? According to the site, people who log in to the website with their phone or tablet become a villager. Who would actually want to live in this forsaken village, where two giant hillsides yell tweets at each other? The world may never know.

The site's official Twitter account attributes the project to Goo Technologies, a Swedish company that develops tools to create animated 3D scenes like this one. Is there a point to this whole project beyond just seeing if it could be done? Hard to say, but Goo Technologies definitely has their text-to-speech technology down. The mountains read off tweets with no trouble at all and don't have the usual awkward cuts and pauses that most text-to-speech software seems to have. Whatever it is, the Internet is a better place thanks to the Mountains of Mouthness.

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