Wonder Woman returns in "Vendetta," an all-new three-part adventure in Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #33.

In this issue, Wonder Woman finds herself in a war-torn region of Africa called Itari, trying to make peace between two battling factions. Her efforts bring her back in contact with Steve Trevor — who diehard fans know as the superheroine's first love interest.

The two reunite as old friends – Steve has aged, whereas Diana has not – and there's even a mention of another one of Wonder Woman's oldest allies, Etta Candy.

Wonder Woman's peacekeeping efforts could be jeopardized when a villain appears out of nowhere and attacks a group of soldiers sent to protect peace talks hosted by Diana.

This is where Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #33 leaves off — so we'll have to wait until next week's issue to find out what happens next.

This particular issue is nice, mostly because of its throwback to the very first iteration of Wonder Woman. One can't help but get sentimental seeing Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor embrace as old friends. Also, the brief mention of Etta is a nice nod to the 1940s version of the Amazonian princess.

The story, written by Josh Elder, is also set up well and finds some emotion, thanks to Wonder Woman questioning her ability to bring peace to a part of the world that's had so little of it (there's a mention at the beginning of the comic that the region has always been unstable). Fortunately for her, Steve offers some good advice, helping Diana find her confidence again.

The artwork by Jamal Igle, Juan Castro and Wendy Broome is also good, and we especially like this version of Wonder Woman's costume. Gone are the high heels, although the boots are still familiar in red-and-white. Here, Wonder Woman also sports more of a warrior look, with a skirt and armor befitting a warrior princess, including a shield she carries strapped on her back.

The several panels of Diana's face, as she's speaking about her doubts to Steve, capture the essence of her self-doubt perfectly — so the emotion of the writing is mirrored in the art.

The wonderful thing about Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman is that a new story comes along every few weeks. So far, this is definitely one of the better ones. We can't wait until next week to find out what will happen.

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #33 is available now on DC's Comixology. Please note that as of this writing, the description for the comic is completely wrong. Hopefully, DC fixes that soon.







Photo Credit: DC Comics

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