Goat Simulator Gets New Zombie-Themed DLC On Steam


The team behind Goat Simulator has just launched DLC that features zombies as the game adversaries. The sequel, aptly called GoatZ, will allow players to become goats attempting to survive the world of the undead. The game will feature weapons such as explosives to use against the zombies.

"GoatZ is the latest DLC for Goat Simulator and it will be the only survival game on Steam that isn't in Early Access!," said game developer Coffee Stain Studios, which put a sneak peek on its YouTube account a few days ago.

Playing a goat in the game's survival mode means eating every five minutes — a strange rule, but that's just the goat life. If eating so often is too much to handle, the gamer can opt to play in casual mode, with no feeding obligations. It's also possible to unlock a number of goats, using special powers.

Another game feature is the crafting system — so called because crafting is deemed an essential skill to have in the survival game genre. Players of the game will have the opportunity to craft their own weapons.

"Initially, we were planning for the MMO expansion to be the final thing we did for Goat Simulator — we wanted to go out with a bang," said the team at Coffee Stain Studios on a blog post. "But after the MMO simulation was launched, we received an avalanche of people asking us to keep making DLC."

Fans made it clear that they're willing to pay for future content if the company keeps on making good MMO DLC. With some help from Gone North Games, Coffee Stain Studios was able to launch GoatZ.

The game can be purchased on Steam as DLC for Mac, Windows and Linux for $4.99. The app version of the game, which is available on Android and iOS, will have the same price tag.

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