Apple Watch Display Too Small? Watch How You Browse The Internet With It


Prominent jailbreaker Comex uploaded a video which showed how difficult it will be for Apple Watch owners to browse the Internet using the smartwatch.

The video of Comex featured a successfully hacked Apple Watch, wherein the device's Watch OS has been customized to be able to run an Internet browser.

Comex was able to get Google's homepage to display on the small screen of the Apple Watch. However, it is barely readable and usable, as scrolling through webpages on the smartwatch's 1.5-inch display is very impractical.

For such reasons, Apple did not include its Safari app in the Apple Watch.

However, one important take away from the video that Comex posted is that the Apple Watch can be hacked to be able to run arbitrary codes. This means that this could be a possible and promising first stage of a potential jailbreak for the smartwatch. However, Comex did not state that he will be releasing the details of the hack to have the Apple Watch run an Internet browser.

The video reveals a familiar user interface associated with Apple's iOS, including the copy/define contextual menu. The operating system of the Apple Watch, Watch OS 1.0, is actually an iOS 8.2 version which uses a customized front-end layer to be able to display the user interface specific for the Apple Watch named Carousel. For those wondering, the equivalent user interface for the iPhone and iPad is named Springboard.

Comex further shows the Apple Watch using the iOS dictionary view, but also compressed into the device's small screen.

Apple previously revealed that it is working on a native SDK for the Apple Watch, which will give more developers the ability to create their own app that would run code on the Apple Watch's OS itself, as opposed to through an app extension installed in the user's paired iPhone.

While hacks into the Apple Watch such as the one done by Comex are being done, some users and developers are simply waiting for Apple's next steps in expanding the usability of the smartwatch. Apple said that native third-party apps for the Apple Watch will be revealed within the year, which would most likely be done in the company's annual WWDC next month.

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