Right after Samsung news website SamMobile reported that the company accidentally confirmed that the Galaxy Tab S2 actually exists and is not mere speculation, prolific leaker OnLeaks has revealed what the device will look like.

OnLeaks posted the image on his Twitter account, showing the design of the 9.7-inch Galaxy Tab S2.

OnLeaks added through additional tweets that the Galaxy Tab S2 drew inspiration from the design of Samsung's current flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S6. The measurements for the device are reportedly 237.17mm by 169.58mm by 5.5mm.

Looking at the leaked image of the tablet, the Galaxy Tab S2 looks to have a metal frame and has a similar design compared to the recently launched Galaxy Tab A. The picture reveals a physical home button, which could possibly also function as a fingerprint reader, flanked on both sides by capacitive buttons for multitasking and the back option. Also seen in the leaked image of the Galaxy S2 is a front-facing camera, an ambient light sensor, the power button located on the tablet's right side near the volume control, a SIM card slot, a microphone and a microSD card slot.

The existence of the Galaxy Tab S2 was accidentally confirmed by Samsung through the official changelog of the app named the Hancom Office Hshow 2014. The app is used to open PDF files and Microsoft Office files, and it is included in the smartphones and tablets of Samsung under the Galaxy line.

The changelog for the app states that its newest version is now able to support both the Galaxy Tab A and the Galaxy Tab S2, confirming the long-rumored device.

The confirmation comes a month before Samsung has reportedly planned to unveil the Galaxy Tab S2 in June.

It is said that the Galaxy Tab S2 will have four versions. The tablet can come with either an 8-inch screen or a 9.7-inch screen, with the two sizes to compete against devices with similar screen sizes from other manufacturers. Both the 8-inch version and the 9.7-inch version will come as either a Wi-Fi only version or a Wi-Fi and cellular version, for a total of four Galaxy Tab S2 models.

The Galaxy Tab S2 was supposed to be thinner than the iPad Air 2, and according to the measurements revealed by OnLeaks, Samsung met expectations. The tablets are also expected to have a weight of 260 grams for the 8-inch version and 407 grams for the 9.7-inch version, making the Galaxy Tab S2 the company's lightest and thinnest tablets that it has ever released.

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