New VR Game Simulates Texting While Driving


Don't text and drive. It's stupid, it's dangerous and it's potentially fatal. No text message is worth risking your life over.

To really get this point across, an indie developer called Turbo Button put together a video game that challenges you to drive in a race while answering text messages from your friends.

The developer wants you to feel the tension of the pull between staying safely on the road and looking down at your phone to see what that nagging text message says. And just like in real life, it never ends well when you try to do both.

Made as part of Oculus' "VR Jam," SMS Racing is available exclusively for Samsung Gear VR with an attached gamepad. It allows you to choose from various locations where you can race, and then keep track of your score on online leaderboards.

Truly thinking of everything, Turbo Button even interfaces with the Galaxy Note 4's text-to-speech feature, so you can dictate your text messages into the game, or have the device read them to you while you drive.

SMS Racing is a free download for Gear VR users. Grab it here.

And if you find the game distasteful, remember: The point is to discourage real-life texting-and-driving. The game hammers it home — despite the fun factor involved.

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