This is not your little sister's jump rope. Battle Rope is the new exercise trend that promises to burn fat, tone muscle and increase cardio endurance.

Described as an intense full-body workout that rivals even the king of fitness equipment, the kettlebell, Battle Ropes are the hottest fitness tools taking men's (and women's) exercises to the next level.

Check out these nine YouTube videos to get started on your own Battle Rope fitness regimen. These range from beginner to advanced exercises, and you'll be swinging those ropes to a more lean and hot bod in no time.

1. Try to beat Janine M's record.  How many sets can you do in 12 minutes?

2. Strengthen your core by stabilizing your hips, trunk and shoulders with this explosive workout.

3. How to use Battle Ropes for total body strength and power conditioning.

4. Grapplers and wrestlers can benefit greatly by adding some Battle Rope exercises to their training routine.

5. Push your limits with Battle Rope circuit training.

6. Eighteen minutes of making waves is all you need for a total body workout.

7. Turn your Beast Mode on with these Battle Rope complexes.

8. Half an hour's worth of exercises to use with the Battle Rope.

9. Finally, a good workout is dependent on proper form. Check out this video to make sure that you're making the most out of your Battle Rope.

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