The Galaxy S5 is slowly proving itself as the most wanted smartphone since the device was lately launched worldwide. The handset is experiencing strong sales, which makes it the most talked about handset since the HTC One (M8).

Due to the early high sales of the Galaxy S5, Samsung's expectation of the device success is very high. Based on a report from the Korea Times, Samsung is aiming to shift 35 million units of the Galaxy S5 in Q2 of this year, which is between April and June to be exact.

That's a huge expectation from the company, but totally doable since the handset has already broken the Galaxy S4 record for the amount of units sold in a single day.

Shipping 35 million units of the Galaxy S5, is estimated to earn Samsung 17 million Won, which is approximately $16.3 billion

"Samsung's smartphone business has been faring well since the introduction of the first Galaxy mobile phone. The S5 will be a major turning point for Samsung's mobile business. That's why Shin Jong-kyun, the company's mobile chief himself, checks sales figures and stock movements," says senior Samsung executive.

Samsung's mobile division has been doing quite well, so well that it outperformed the estimates set by analysts and insiders. This is great for Samsung, as the mobile division is the company's largest moneymaker.

"We believe the mobile phone division performed better than our previous estimates on the back of the strong smartphone and tablet results - higher units and higher margin - due to lower marketing spending," said Mark C. Newman, a senior analyst at Bernstein Research in Hong Kong.

As it stands, there's no real competition out there for the Galaxy S5, so 35 million units shipped in Q2 is highly possible. Yes, the HTC One (M8) is available and is also a great device better than the Galaxy S5, some says. However, the HTC One handset does not have the same recognition and brand loyalty as Samsung's Galaxy S5. This is the main reason why 35 million units sold could be achieved by the end of the second quarter.

Should Apple be worried?

With every passing year, the Galaxy line of smartphones continues to rise. Apple could be worried about this growing problem, as the time might come when the iPhone may no longer be in any position to compete.

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