Dinosaurs. Martial Arts. Nazis. Synthesizers. Leather jackets. And David Hasselhoff.

What could all of these things have in common? We are talking about none other than Kung Fury, an '80s-inspired short film that finally saw release earlier this week on YouTube after a successful Kickstarter way back in December 2013 pulled in more than $600,000. It's been a long time coming, but with 3 million views and counting, it was well worth the wait.

Here is the rundown: the film stars hero Kung Fury, a cop who is granted kung-fu superpowers. He then goes around punching people in the groin while fighting Nazi dinosaurs. There are also sentient arcade cabinets, ninjas and explosions. Lots of explosions. Norse Gods are also involved. Don't ask why. And time travel. Of course there is time travel.

It really doesn't get any more ridiculous than this, and the icing on the cake is the whole VHS inspired look the film adopts. Kung Fury revels in taking everything "cool" about the '80s and cranking it up to 11 until it is as absurd as humanly possible.

That's why we love it. It's also got a killer soundtrack, headlined by none other than David Hasselhoff himself in the single "True Survivor."

If you are looking for some excuse not to watch Kung Fury, there isn't one. It's action-packed, tongue-in-cheek, only 30 minutes long and free. Seriously. The whole thing is embedded below. You're welcome.

If for some reason you can't clear 30 minutes in your schedule to watch this cinematic masterpiece, the "True Survivor" music video is only a few minutes long and will help get you in the mood for some nut-punching '80s action.

Look, if you still aren't convinced I'm not sure what else I can do. I will just leave you with this. Without context, you will have no choice but to watch the movie.

Kung Fury, ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy.

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