The Apple Watch is a great piece of technology, but like any other device, it would sometimes experience certain issues.

For owners of Apple's first wearable device, here is a list of common issues and what can be done to address them.

Apple Watch locking up/crashing/freezing

Attempt to restart the device by pressing and then holding the long side button located below the Apple Watch's Digital Crown. Choose the option to power down the device, and once the process is completed, then the user can once again click on the side button to power up the smartwatch.

If that does not work, users should force reset the Apple Watch by holding down the Digital Crown and the device's side button at the same time until the logo of Apple appears.

Overheating Apple Watch while charging

Ensure that the magnetic charger is correctly aligned with the Apple Watch, as that is a common cause of overheating.

Malfunctioning Digital Crown

For users that are experiencing a Digital Crown that is not accurately registering clicks or is not able to turn smoothly, Apple recommends that they should turn off the Watch, remove the Band, and then run the Digital Crown under warm water for between 10 to 15 seconds.

Forgotten passcode for Apple Watch

Users that forget their passcode for their Apple Watch can work around the problem by unpairing the smartwatch from their iPhones and then erasing the Apple Watch from the iPhone's paired devices list. The user can then choose to restore from backup while going through the setup process once again.

Poor battery life

While the battery life of the Apple Watch is reportedly only able to last a maximum of 18 hours, users that are experiencing trouble in not even reaching half of that while using their smartwatch should first try to uninstall apps that they are not using.

The brightness of the Apple Watch's screen can also be lowered, along with other features that can be unnecessary such as sound options.

Lost iPhone connection glitch

Apple Watches that continue to show a red phone icon signaling that the user's iPhone is not nearby despite the smartphone being beside the smartwatch should try turning off and then turning on Bluetooth on the iPhone.

While these are the more common problems, there are many more possible issues that Apple Watch users can face. For issues that are not listed here, it will be best to either visit the Apple Watch Support page or to take the device to the Apple Store to have it checked out. 

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