Apple has announced a major milestone for the App Store, surpassing the 100 billion app download mark since the launch of the App Store in 2008.

Not only have there been 100 billion app downloads, but Apple has also paid out $30 billion to developers through the store, highlighting how important the App Store is for many developers. They also noted the average person has 119 apps.

"The App Store gives everyone access to incredibly powerful tools and there's an incredible generation of filmmakers and storytellers to come," highlighted film director J.J. Abrams in a video made by Apple and shown at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

While phone makers and companies had their own app stores before the launch of Apple's, Apple largely revolutionized mobile apps in the same way that it revolutionized the music industry. It brought all kinds of apps across all kinds of genres to the masses, and now boasts 850 app downloads per second. These apps range in genre from games to productivity to content delivery apps.

Of course, Apple's App Store isn't the only app store available, with other companies offering their own app stores for their own mobile operating systems. Google, for example, has the Google Play store for Android, which boasts more app downloads than even Apple's App Store. Apple, however, remains ahead of the game in App Store revenue.

Apple's App Store shows no sign of slowing down, with iPhone 6 sales being the most in a short amount of time of any Apple phone ever.

Apple also unveiled a number of new features for iOS and OS X at its WWDC 2015 event in San Francisco. It also updated a number of the apps in iOS, including the Notes app and the Maps app.

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