A team of developers have created the June Intelligent Oven, a computer-based appliance that thinks like a chef and prepares the perfect meals.

On Tuesday, June 9, the company – also called June – announced that the new countertop oven will change the way people cook. The appliance will be released in Spring 2016 and includes features that traditional ovens do not offer. The company claims that June can be used for baking, toasting, slow cooking and broiling — all without the "guesswork."

The oven can easily fit on kitchen countertops but is still large enough to roast a full chicken. June can be used for baking a 12-inch pizza or preparing an elaborate roast on those special occasions. The intelligent oven has a 21-inch window and two LED lights that allow users to see how their food is coming along.

June has a 5-inch touch display and click knob that provides easy control and brings in modern technology with touch screens and Internet connectivity. A 2.3GHz Quad Core NVIDIA Processor with 192 Cuda Cores is included in the oven, which also has an HD camera, kitchen scale, and dual-surround convection for faster and even cooking, as well as carbon-fiber heating elements.

Users can download the June app for controlling the oven and monitoring cooking with a live video on an iPad or iPhone.

June partnered up with Ammunition, a San-Francisco based firm, to design the oven.

"Our goal with June was to bring a new level of evolved form and function to the kitchen," said Robert Brunner, who is the partner and founder of Ammunition. "And while technology is at the heart of the product, we wanted to create an approachable look that works in any kitchen environment. The result is a modern design that is more considered and refined than anything else on the market."

The smart oven's press release emphasizes that it can serve up the most popular meals, and it can also be customized to suit individual tastes — such as programming the oven to cook steak as medium, rare or well-done.

The June Intelligent Oven also recommends how to cook a food item by analyzing the food type, internal temperature and weight.

The intelligent oven is being offered at a special rate of $1,495 if booked before July 10. Upon launching, the oven will have a price tag of $2,995. Interested customers can reserve their oven from June's official website.  

Check out this short video of June in action.

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