Apple may have just released the Apple Watch a few months ago, but it is reportedly already working on the second iteration of the device.

The second version will include a number of improvements over the first, according to reports citing "multiple sources" on the matter.

One of the most important additions to the device will be a FaceTime camera, which will be included in the top bezel of the Apple Watch 2 and will enable users to make video calls through their watch. Apple actually expressed interest in a FaceTime camera in the Apple Watch 2 at its Worldwide Developers Conference, when it began rolling out watchOS 2.0, the second version of the operating system for the watch.

WatchOS 2.0 also includes the ability to take FacetTme audio calls straight from the Watch, further highlighting the interest that Apple has in the functionality.

Another highly called for feature for the Apple Watch 2 is increased independence from the iPhone. Currently, the Apple Watch is rather unusable when not tethered to an iPhone, and while it can do some things, the bulk of the device's features rely on iPhone connectivity.

To make the device more independent, Apple will likely include a more advanced chipset, enabling Wi-Fi straight from the watch. While iPhone connectivity will likely be required for heavier data transfers, such as when the device needs to be updated, basic functions and day-to-day use will likely be able to operate separately, especially from within the home.

Unfortunately, it seems as though Apple will not be looking to improve the battery life of the Apple Watch in its second version, with most consumers reportedly ending the day with a charge of 30 percent to 40 percent. It may slightly improve the battery life of the Apple Watch, but this will likely not be enough for heavy users.

Last but not least, Apple may look to release additional variations of the watch, beyond the Sport, Steel and Edition tiers currently on offer. According to reports, it will release versions that sit between the standard Steel Apple Watch and the high-priced gold Apple Watch Edition.

Of course, the release date for the device is also important - Apple will be looking to release the Apple Watch 2 in 2016, debunking rumors that it would release just before the holiday season, instead targeting a full year after the release of the original.

There are certainly many hoping that Apple will greatly improve the Apple Watch 2, with some even calling the original a rushed response to the possible rise of Android Wear.

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