Iris recognition is perceived as the next security standard that will soon find its way to mobile devices. Soon, it will replace the current fingerprint scanning technology as more and more companies adopt the system's more secure functionality.

Reports claim Samsung and LG are the latest companies to be employing the method of iris scanning with the release of their future flagships. Users should expect to see the new security standard in their products slated for release in 2016.

Both companies are said to have been working on iris recognition technology for quite some time now. Speculations have been made every time the companies release a new handset. It began when Samsung was about to release the Galaxy S5, and LG the G3. The next assumption came when Samsung was about to launch the Galaxy Note phablet.

Iris scanning has recently been incorporated in a number of smartphones in Asia. These include the Chinese-made Vivo X5 Pro and the Japanese-made Fujitsu Arrows NX F-04G. The latter also features a QHD display of 5.2 inches, a RAM of 3GB, built-in storage of 32GB and Snapdragon 810.

Apart from the iris recognition technology, Samsung's future flagship will reportedly come with a higher resolution display compared to the company's current flagship devices. The future device is said to measure 2560 by 1440. There's also speculation that the future Galaxy S7 will sport an Ultra HD 4K display. The said screen is one of the features that users can expect to see on Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note 5. The latter is scheduled to launch sometime in August or September this year.

The LG G5, on its part, will feature a main camera of 20MP and the same 4K display found in Samsung's future flagship. Other features include 3D image capturing and in-built wireless charging.

Iris scanning works by scanning the eyes of the smartphone's owner through the device's front camera. The scanned image is then analyzed and compared with stored biometric data. One company that specializes in biometric technology is Irience, which entered into partnership with LG Electronics.

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