Vintage video games and gaming consoles are making a comeback, with the prices ranging from a few dollars for a refurbished video game to a couple of hundred for brand new consoles.

If you are a hardcore gamer and a true gaming enthusiast, then perhaps shelling out $500 isn't that much to play with a piece of history, or at least a recreation of it.

Leica shooters and Zelda fans can now fulfill their dreams of playing the game on the Analogue Nt. The Nt showcases a modernized Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) fashioned from a solid block of aluminum, giving it an overall look that is crisp, clean and reminiscent of the simpler gaming era. And the fact that telling others it is made of aluminum just sounds totally cool.

"We went through an incredible amount of effort to produce a product at this quality - we've always looked up to the standards of companies like Leica - and our ethos as a company is to be somewhat of a Leica of video game hardware. We think the Nt has achieved a remarkable level of quality - something never before seen in video games," said Christopher Taber, Analogue owner.

Spending that much money on a console seems ridiculous, especially with the release of newer gaming consoles. Since this particular console only plays specific games, it does not seem practical to get it. But fans that have used the NES know exactly what the younger generations are missing and spending $500 seems more like an investment than a waste.

For those who are interested in purchasing this one of a kind, sleekly designed console you may need to spend a little bit more if you want to play with 1080p quality by adding an extra $79. For those who want to bling it up, another $50 allows you to choose from a red, blue or black finish.

Yes it does seem too much, but then again, can you really put a price on awesome gaming memories?

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