Here's a bit of huge news from Comic-Con -- Deadline has reported that Ben Affleck is set to star in a Batman movie separate from Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice DC shared universe film, which Affleck will also appear in.

According to Deadline, DC Entertainment's Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns will co-write the screenplay with Affleck.

If these reports are true, the heavy involvement of Johns, who is currently writing "The Darkseid War" storyline in the Justice League comic series, is notable due to his familiarity with the DC universe. It's not often that actual comic book writers are so involved in movie treatments, but it could signal a shift in ideals as more studios are banking on connected comic book universes on the big screen.

Johns is certainly no stranger to the Dark Knight. He is the man behind the Batman: Earth One line of graphic novels, which reimagine the early days of the Caped Crusader. The second volume came out in May, and we spoke to Johns about the book. Here is how the publisher describes the Earth One: Volume 2 plot:

"The Riddler has arrived in Gotham and he's terrorizing the city with his own twisted brand of anarchy. But why is he attacking now, and what is his endgame? The Riddler isn't Batman's only problem, as Killer Croc is on the streets and his violent crimes can't be ignored. Meanwhile, the Dark Knight has trouble reconciling the increasingly conflicting ideologies of Alfred Pennyworth and James Gordon in this gripping re-imagining of the Batman mythology."

Johns' other comic book writing creds include JSA, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and Superman, with TV scripts for The Flash, Arrow, and Smallville also to his name.

So far, no confirmation from DC has been issued.

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