Those six-second video clips that we all share and love on Vine are about to look a whole lot sharper from here on out.

On Friday (July 10), the video service rolled out with a new high-definition quality option for its app on iOS. And just like that, gone are those grainy, blurry videos that we've become accustomed to on Vine. To access the HD option, tap the settings gear from your Vine profile page and then press Your Content to uncover it.

This upgrade marks the second time that Vine has improved its video quality within the past five months. In March, it introduced its high quality videos via an improved 720p from 480p. According to Engadget, though, Vine hasn't specified the difference between HD and its last update as of press time.

But the improved quality is evident, as seen on the following test clip.

Pretty sharp, right? We guess a truer test would be unleashing Vine's new HD quality on a high-action subject or even a scenic route to see how it fares, but we're likely to see those kind of clips soon, regardless.

The news of Vine's HD-quality clips comes on the same day as the video service making it easy to find more accounts to follow. On Friday, Vine introduced its Find People icon, which users simply tap in the left corner to see catered suggestions on who to follow. If you choose to not use the option, you can still connect to people you know on Vine via Twitter and your address book as well.

Definite upgrades for Vine.

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