Fear the Walking Dead showed up at Comic-Con, and a lot of questions were raised about the show. One question is whether cast members of the new show will meet those in The Walking Dead.

There are some who would want to meet up with Rick Grimes and his crew, but from what we've come to understand, there's no plan right now to make that a possibility anytime soon. And rightfully so because Fear the Walking Dead takes place in Los Angeles, which is miles away from Washington DC.

"There are no plans right now to combine the two series," Executive Producer Dave Erickson. "I think [The Walking Dead's] Scott Gimple would kill me if I ever pitched that idea. Geographically it would be tough. There is currently no plan to do it."

For those who might believe both Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead will have the same tone, we understand this is not the case. Fear the Walking Dead takes place at a time when the virus had just broken out, and Rick Grimes was in a coma.

People thought folks who are walking around and eating people were sick, but then they quickly found out that they were nothing more than The Walking Dead.

"There's a sense of tension and apprehension [in Fear], because we as the audience know what's coming," according to Erickson. "The characters don't know what's happening. They just think people are sick. It was a chance to find out how people adjust to the apocalypse. Tonally, it's very different from the first show. It starts as a family drama and we filter the apocalypse through that. It's also the chance to watch the fall. We actually get to show the process by which the city shuts down."

We're glad the tone is different because there would be no reason to watch it if were the same as The Walking Dead. The big question right now is how will the show be different after the outbreak managed to take over the whole United States.

Chances are we won't know until a few seasons down the road. Well, that's only if Fear the Walking Dead become successful. And why wouldn't it be?

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