'Mad Max' Video Game Special Edition Includes A Copy Of 'Fury Road', License Plate


Mad Max: Fury Road wowed audiences earlier this summer with its bombastic action and breathtaking visuals. More than a few people will want to pick up the film when it is released on Blu-ray to add to their collections.

You know what would make buying the Fury Road Blu-ray even better? If that Blu-ray came in special package with the upcoming Mad Max video game.

It sounds too good to be true, but there is a version of the open-world Mad Max game that will come bundled with a copy of this summer's best action film. But that's not all it comes with either. The Mad Max Post Apocalypse Edition also comes with an exclusive steelbook case, a collector's box, a mini license-plate and the Ripper DLC, which is an extra body for the game's fully upgradeable car.

Judging from the promotional art, PlayStation owners will also be getting some exclusive content for the game in the form of the "Road Warrior" pack. What all that entails is anybody's guess, but our money is on costumes and items themed around Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior.

It's a double dose of post apocalyptic action that is hard to pass up. The only catch is that for the time being this special edition is only available in at EB Games in Australia for $129.99. Fitting it's only available in Australia considering the franchises origins, but let's hope this gets a European and North American release as well. After watching Fury Road, there is no doubt a number of fans worldwide who would be interested in picking this up.

Mad Max releases for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on Sept. 1.

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