Ever dreamed about chatting with Stephen Hawking about black holes and the Big Bang? Get ready for a thrilling, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: the author of "A Brief History of Time" is taking to Reddit for a reworked AMA.

Co-sponsored by Nokia and Wired, the conversation will take place under the subreddit r/science. Unlike previous AMAs, which take course over the span of one hour, Hawking's stint under one of the Internet's most popular microscopes will last for one full week; answers to questions posed during the AMA will then be doled out in the following weeks. The question-only section of the AMA is scheduled to last from Monday, July 27 until Tuesday, August 4.

Hawking has requested to speak specifically about artificial intelligence (AI) in lieu of an open letter composed by the Future of Life Institute as a plea to refocus end goals in both innovation and research, and to "not only on [make] AI more capable, but also on [maximize] the societal benefit of AI," a sentiment that Hawking endorses. However, other topics of conversation (assumingly, subjects related to Hawking's academic purview) will also be on the table.

A week-long AMA with the preeminent theoretical physicist of our time? Excellent. Just please don't ask him what it was like to meet Eddie Redmayne from The Theory of Everything. The many-worlds interpretation should be enough to hold our interest.

To get you pumped, watch Hawking chat with Last Week Tonight host John Oliver in the clip below.


Via The Verge

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